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Broods - Conscious

When I come alive, such a pretty light
I can be beautiful, I can be right
I can hold my own when I feel at home
I can be tender, I can be kind

When I'm on my feet, I can take the heat
But when I get low I prefer the cold
I can be a hard light to ignite
All my nightmares feel like real life

Wait for the explosion
Only to anticipate
Running in slow motion
I can never get away
Sweet paralysation
No one here to keep me safe...

Broods - Bedroom Door

They make it easy
You give in to everything
I know you, I know you
It's what you do, what you do
There's no need to disappear
I've got room for you in here
To unite, to unite
Tell you why, tell you why

I've been longing after you
Longing after you since the start
Oh and all you have to do
All you have to do is stop by

So shut up the bedroom door
And shut out the world some more...

Broods - Worth The Fight

Something tipped me over
Someone knocked me down
Emptied out my inside
Poured it on the ground

A cavern for a body
The deeper darker kind
For all I hear are echoes
Repeat inside my mind
I thought the shade around me
Was making me feel blind
I thought I was a hero
But I was just a child

So fill me up and let me try
To show you beauty from inside...

Broods - Full Blown Love

Watching the world
Take on a new form
All that I knew then
Fades to oblivion
So sure that I
Had what I needed
I should've seen it
From the beginning

We drive into the night
Away from the life
Bringing us down oh
We try
Keeping it light
But we can't deny
We already know oh...